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Good evening fellow Absintheurs,

Today we want to present you the newest Absinthe from the ALANDIA edition: Absinthe Époque.
The name refers to the Belle Époque "the beautiful era", which signifies a period in Europe's history that began during the late 19th century and lasted until 1914. It is considered as the golden time of beauty, peace and entertainment. Cabaret, the famous cancan, and cinema were born and often enjoyed with a glass of Absinthe. In reference to this fabled era Absinthe Époque is distilled after a classic composition of 12 herbs, including wormwood, green anise, fennel and calamus, reflecting the authenticity of the Absinthe heritage. Santé...


ALANDIA Absintheurs

Absinthe Epoque Characteristics:

Name: ALANDIA Époque
Country: Germany
Production Method: Distillation, hand crafted
Alcohol: 70%
Color: Natural green color
Smell: Complex with notes of fennel, anise and calmus.
Taste: Fennel, green anise and wormwood give this Absinthe a very fine taste. You will experience a 100% natural herbal impression.
Louche: Thick white

Absinthe History:

Like Absinthe Maison ALANDIA Absinthe Époque was developed in cooperation with the international known Absinthe connaisseur "deep forest". The task for this Absinthe was to create a complex but balanced Absinthe, with a smooth note, without an overpowering anise smack, but with the typical French Absinthe impression. The result is here and we are proud to present it to all Absinthe connaisseurs around the world.

We recommend preparing Absinthe Époque after the classic French Ritual, using one part Absinthe, three parts cold water and one sugar cube.

Absinthe Label:

Absinthe Époque Label

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